Upgrading to OS X Server on x86 System!

Warning: this is an old post I am consolidating as you can see from the OS X version. No comments on this Post, Thanks

The first step is to install iPC OSx86 following the steps laid out in a previous blog.  Once you get that successfully installed I went ahead and made a snapshot of the OS before proceeding just in case something went wrong.  In my case I just used Time Machine seems to be the easiest method and have had success in the past.  The rest is a piece of cake:

  1. Get a legal copy of Mac OS X Server 10.x
  2. Boot up the server with iPC OSx86
  3. Insert the DVD & open it up!
  4. Double click on “Install Mac OS X Server” icon
  5. It will ask you if you wish to Upgrade to “Mac OS X Server” once it installs you need to reboot.
  6. When it reboots it will ask you setup the server, some requirements are a license key, without this you are stuck.  You can purchase 10 or unlimited from Apple
  7. Next login to your admin account from the iPC installation
  8. You will need to setup a server you can do this via the “Server Admin” utility under “Applications/Server”
  9. Thats it you are good to go, I enabled NFS and Firewall for starters.