Using SMB Share in Mountain Lion for Time Machine

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How to Use an SMB Share in Ubuntu for TimeMachine on Mountain Lion 10.8.x OS X

I was trying to get TM to work via SMB on 10.8 and although I found articles on how to implement in Lion and Snow Leopard, I found that they did not work in ML as advertised.  By leveraging multible  sites I was able to get it to work successfully.  The first step was to create an SMB server in Ubuntu server.  I am running Ubuntu server version 12.04 on an Atom CPU 2 Cores, 4GB.

SMB Setup on Ubuntu

Refer to: Samba Server

Enable SMB Share for Time Machine

Open the and enter the following command:

sudo defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

Mount the sparse bundle:
hdiutil attach -verbose /path/to/sparsebundle

Add the sparsebundle as the Time Machine destination:

sudo tmutil setdestination /Volumes/mounted_sprase_bundle

Now bring up Time Machine and you will see the disk as the default destination.  In past versions you would have seen the disk and add it in the GUI but in ML it will not see it.  You are able to add it via CLI and so far I have not seen any issues.


13 thoughts on “Using SMB Share in Mountain Lion for Time Machine

  1. Thanks, that works fine!Just one issue: after stand-by the backup mount and network mount are gone and i need to remount it manually.Any idea? :-/


  2. As far as auto mounting normally you can use /etc/fstab and after it awakes diskarbitrationd will look at this. It has been depreciated after leopard I think but as far as I know is is still viable. I am not sure about mountain lion but you can try adding it and see if it works. Otherwise write a script to mount it.


  3. Flocksi as far as the filessytem it sounds like you did not do the first step if you created an CIFS share then you would have had to have a filesystem for that share. I would check that.


  4. \”Incompatible file system type: smbfs (error 45)\” : When you mount the sparcebundle, it will show directly under /Volume/. Use that, not the original smb path. sudo tmutil setdestination /Volumes/mounted_sprase_bundle


  5. Open Terminal and enter the following command :sudo tmutil setdestination /Volumes/ [hit the tab key]It will list your sparsebundles (two names for the same bundle, you chose the wrong one and got error 45)


  6. True, except that to mount the sparse bundle with that approach you have to go through the clean install first. My belief is that there's a way to get the thing mounted on power-up with no OS installed on the box. Hoping someone has an approach for that…


  7. This is what I get when I try to use SMB instead of Netatalk AFP shares on Timemachine.sudo tmutil setdestination /Volumes/MacBackup/Volumes/MacBackup: Incompatible file system type: smbfs (error 45)The backup destination could not be set.What's the fix?


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