Installing Docker on RedHat/Centos 8

Docker is free and open-source software. It automates the deployment of any application as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container that will run virtually anywhere. Typically you develop software on your laptop/desktop. You can build a container with your app, and it can test run on your computer. It will scale in cloud, VM, VPS, bare-metal … Continue reading Installing Docker on RedHat/Centos 8


Google Chrome Browser Certificate Issue

I'm sure some of us have seen this issue with Chrome on macOS at least, although it may be Windows as well. You trying to get to a site and in my case a local IP and you get a certificate error. I tried a few things before getting this to work everytime. Heres what … Continue reading Google Chrome Browser Certificate Issue

How to Run Commands Actively in Background on macOS or OS X

Long ago I wanted to run certain commands and output them to my desktop but not just statically I wanted it to update. There was and tynially still is a tool called Geektool that allowed you to accomplish this. Initially I had it on this tool but it went silent for quite awhile as far … Continue reading How to Run Commands Actively in Background on macOS or OS X

Cron in Cygwin for Windows

Setting up services like Cron are not the way you are used to. In Linux and Unix its pretty straight forward since you are running in your own OS instance. With Cygwin it is tightly coupled with Windows so services like SSHD and CRON actually run in Windows and not Cygwin. The steps below are … Continue reading Cron in Cygwin for Windows