macOS icalbuddy picking up strange Calendar invite?

I’m sure at some point all of us will see this. I use icalbuddy to display calendar events for the current and next day. I use this in conjunction with Übersicht for running things on the background of the Desktop. If you like to check it out go here:

So the other day I noticed some bogus event that I never accepted showing up from icalbuddy, but it’s not in my Calendar. What this is is Siri picking up suggestions and such and adding them in as a SMS or URL invite. Something like this: “Party with Today’s (Found in Natural Language)”. There’s an easy fix you just need to shut off Siri suggestions for Messages.

  1. Click on the Apple Icon
  2. Click on Siri

Click on Siri Suggestions & Privacy…

Click on Messages and turn off everything at a minimum Show Siri Suggestions in App

It doesn’t always clear out right away even if you cycle Siri. The good news is it should not appear in the future.