Google Chrome Browser Certificate Issue

I’m sure some of us have seen this issue with Chrome on macOS at least, although it may be Windows as well. You trying to get to a site and in my case a local IP and you get a certificate error.

I tried a few things before getting this to work everytime. Heres what didnt work at least for me.

  1. Date and Time was fine
  2. Cache clear did nothing
  3. DNS flush did nothing
  4. Privacy and Security Setting ==> Site Settings ==> Insecure Content
    1. Add the host or IP here
  5. chrome://flags/#allow-insecure-localhost
    1. Enable: Allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost.

So none of these worked. What I finally did was bring up my site in Firefox, which worked fine, and downloaded the certificate. Once I did this I imported it in the Key Access for macOS and Chrome worked or at least gave me the option to bypass unlike before.

Start Firefox and click on Advanced and View Certificate. You will see the certs available for download. Download the PEM (cert)

  1. Launch Key Access
    1. Drag and Drop the certificate you just downloaded. It will show up under Certificates not My Certificates.
    2. You still need to change the access. Double click on the certificate ==> Trust and change “When using this certificate” to ” Always Trust”

Now let’s get back to Chrome. You should be able to just do a refresh, but you can restart as well. Hopefully you will see something like this:

Click on Advanced and you will se that now you have the option to proceed.

That’s it, worked for me I hope it did for you as well.