Installing Linux VM via Kickstart Running on Synology

You may run into an issue after setting up your Synology Diskstation for booting Kickstart clients, where the VM won’t boot PXE properly. This can also happen if you have a dedicated server acting as you Kickstart server. The issue is by default when you create a VM is want to use “Share with my Mac” in my case I am using Fusion. This could easily be the same for share with windows. If you pull up the settings for the VM and click on “Network Adapter” you will see this as the default:

VMWare Fusion Settings for Network Adapter

So what problem was I seeing? Since I was using the local network within my environment 10.0.1.x you need to make sure you use the appropriate interface for that network. Otherwise it will try to boot PXE over the shared network and fail. The message you will get is similar to this:

VMWare Fusion VM

If you get something like this it may very well be that your using the wrong interface. To resolve this simply change the network adapter to the network of which you are trying to PXE boot off of. In my case I have a thunderbolt hub that I connect directly to so I changed it to “Thunderbolt Ethernet Slot 1”

Once I changed it to the correct adapter it started with no other issues.

Kickstart Install Menu
Installing RedHat 8 via PXE

You should be good to go. If you have any other issues make sure the DHCP, TFTP, FTP & PXE is server is configured correctly on the Synology. Refer to this post for more information: