Airconsole: RG45 to DB9 Serial Null Cable

I am in the mist of redoing my home lab. Originally I have been using just a metal shelving system form Lowes. This worked fine but have been wanting to do it right by leveraging a rack system. I finally bit the bullet and splurged for a 19 inch 42 U rack from Raising Electronics. I will post what I started with and ended up later still tiding up some things.

An issue I ran into was a normal RG45 to DB9 converter did not work for my Dell T110s to my Airconsole I just purchased. Why an Airconsole? I wanted to be able to access serial via network but didn’t want to spend the money for a Terminal Server which can be pricey. I found a company, Get Console, in New Zealand that manufacturers a Terminal Server that is actually reasonably priced. You can check them out here: Get Console

Airconsole 4 Port

The product I ended up purchasing was the AIRCONSOLE TS 4 PORT model. I went with this because I really only needed it for my 3 Dells but I ended up using it for my Sun box as well. The Sun T1000 I have has ILOM so really don’t need it but I have and extra port and it may come in handy. The Dell T110s I have have connectivity via ipmitool command but this doesn’t provide console only power, reset and some other functions so I wanted something that I can remote in without running to the basement when I need to load a new OS or something else at the BIOS level.

So back to why I am posting this int he first place. The standard RG45 to serial converter that I had did not work. I ended up referencing the pinouts that Get Console recommended on their website along with standard pinouts for null modem online.

I already had RG45-DB9 female converters that you can assemble so there was no need for me to just go purchase a null modem cable. Below is a diagram on how to assemble. Yes you can go online and look everything up but if you have an Airconsole or something else you need a null modem adapter for here you go. Yes the pinouts are standard I made sure of that, have fun…

  • Tidbit – If this is your first time making your own cable. Inserting the pins typically go in without an issue if for some reason they are stubborn get a paperclip and straighten it out to use to push the pin in. Also if you out the pun in the wrong position use the same paperclip to push it out from the female side of the DB9 connector. Use a pair of pliers with it and hold it lower to the surface.