iFixit Battery Replacement for 2012 Macbook Pro 10,1

First and foremost changing the battery is pretty easy. Having stated that its not because of the iFixit guide, although it is complete most is unnecessary. They seemed to make it really tedious when I don’t think it needed to be. After pulling everything apart and wasting 1.5 hours I realized that all you really had to do is steps: 36-52. There is no need to take all the fans out, logic pboard disconnects and so on. Also if you want to be a caveman you can actually pry the battery off . It worked for me but I was slow and have some automotive tools to make it easier but a flat head screwdriver would work. Granted mine was about to blow, so maybe the sticky tape was compromised but worked nonetheless.

The only bummer was after I put it together I forgot to connect the laptop keyboard light cable. I cant get to it now without taking it apart. Lucky I use it connected to a keyboard and external monitors. Please understand just because I could have done it without taking it apart doesn’t mean you should circumvent the guide, it’s just what I experienced.

The reason why I had to replace the battery, aside from macOS telling me I needed to: