Exporting vCenter 7.x to VMware Fusion

I have a nested vSphere 7.01 running on my Dell R400 and wanted to segregate the VCSA to a remote system. I decided to copy the working appliance to Fusion so I can run it from my Mac and free up some resources and update without having vCenter go offline. Eventually I will setup for HA/DRS but haven’t gotten that far yet. I tried exporting it as a template and bring it in but it didn’t work properly. I even added guest parameters in the vmx file per the 6.7 per virtuallyGhetto website but it didn’t work but maybe thats because the example was 6.7, not sure?

I poked around google and found some mention of using an option in Fusion that allows you to bring in VMs from another server i.e. vSphere. You do need to have Fusion Pro or this option wont be available to you. Since other methods I tired didn’t work, even tried installing from ISO VCSA OVF template. I decided to try this method. Turned out to work perfectly and I didn’t need to re-config it.

Connect to vSphere from Fusion

This is one of the easiest methods I have come across and will come in handy. In Fusion bring up: Virtual Machine Library -> File -> Connect Server (shortcut is Command-K)

You will get the window below enter the login for cSphere not vCenter:

Once you’re done it will appear in the sidebar along with any VMs you may have configured. This is where you will bring it from vSphere to Fusion.

Right click on you mouse and scroll down to Download from Server…

Once you do this you will get the following popup, just save it to your VM location and away you go:

I have already done this so in this example we will call it “VMware vCenter Server 2”. You will get the following popup.

When its complete you should see it under your “Virtual Machines” folder in the sidebar. It will take some time even with a fast network. To see the status you can focus on Fusion or just look at the sidebar. There will be a meeter beside the VM you are importing.

When its done boot it up and access it the same way as before, thats it thanks for playing…