macOS Mail Client: Block a Sender

Everyone know about junk filtering and it works most of the time. It does, occasionally, put good email in the junk folder. Also, its not really robust enough to do a good job with spam. Currently I use SpamSieve which does a really good job catching spam and moving the to a spam folder. It also has black/white lists and several other features. After awhile you really get tired of looking through even SpamSieve to see if it caught something you wanted. Overtime it learns and self corrects but at times you need to edit the white/black list to get it the way you want. Ultimately the goal is to block spam out completely and unsubscribe works only part of the time. It also is a way for a scrupulous character to know there is someone monitoring that email address.

macOS email client had the ability to block email address completely. Its not really apparent since you need to right/left-click on the senders email. Doing this on the message doesn’t provide you this option. I know its simple and most of you probably know about it but here is how to block someone:

Example email

  1. Right or left click on the senders email address and select block.
  1. Once its blocked a red hand image will be shown next to the sender and a messge on top of the reader pane.

Thats it, very easy and if you knew about great, thanks for playing…