GParted Live: Boot over PXE & NFS

Booting GParted over the network may not only be necessary from time to time but really useful. In this post I will show a method of accomplishing this over an NFS share. I did search google like anyone else and what I found was http based for the most part. There were a couple threads about doing the same thing over NFS but the options did not all work for me. Below is what I did to get it to work and I tested this via VMware Workstation 16.


GParted Version =

NFS Share = Synology Diskstation

PXE Server = Centos 8



The append line is key. This is what worked for me you may see examples where “username” is not used. If you do it this was you will not boot all the way. Hopefully you have good luck with it as I did. If run into issues it may end up being graphics vs. serial console connection. For this example you need graphics, I haven’t tried it over serial yet.

label 1
menu label 1) Run GParted 
kernel gpart/vmlinuz
append initrd=gpart/initrd.img boot=live noswap noprompt nosplash vga=788 username=user noeject netboot=nfs nfsroot= --

PXE Boot GParted Initial Screen

I use the default “Don’t touch keymap”

In my case I use the default “English”

I used “0” since I was doing a test from VMware Workstation

Final Screen for GParted, from here you use it as you normally would.

That’s it, not rocket science but very useful.