ORA-27301: OS failure message: No space left on device

We ran into this error on our Exadata x8m. Oracle had installed it but only the minimum for /dev/shm mount, why I don’t know. Typically a form with all of the information needed to specify load and such is completed so this doesn’t happen. Anyway its an easy fix. Since /dev/shm is mounted as a tmpfs we can just remount it:


ORA-27301: OS failure message: No space left on device

The filesystem in question is actually memory mounted to /dev/shm. Originally it was set to 4G which is not enough. After the DBA did calculations we came up with 16 minimum. We decided to set to 60G since we have other instances being onboarded in the future.

df -h |grep shm

tmpfs 4.0G  3.8G  304M  93% /dev/shm


  1. Dynamic change: This was done with and without DB down and it did not affect the DB when the change was done while active. To increase the tmpfs filesystem to 60GB:
    • mount -o remount,size=60G /dev/shm
  2. Make persistent, change the following in /etc/fstab
    • tmpfs   /dev/shm   tmpfs   defaults,size=60G 0 0

That’s it, easy fix, I didnt lie 🙂


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