Backup Scripts for Linux

Sending out a couple of scripts for backing up entire disks and files for Linux. We are currently backing up to a ZFS Appliance share since we don't have enough ports for a backup network. Each of these scripts will do a count of existing backup files and remove anything older. #/bin/bash source="sda" dest="/zfssa/os_backup" … Continue reading Backup Scripts for Linux


ORA-27301: OS failure message: No space left on device

We ran into this error on our Exadata x8m. Oracle had installed it but only the minimum for /dev/shm mount, why I don't know. Typically a form with all of the information needed to specify load and such is completed so this doesn't happen. Anyway its an easy fix. Since /dev/shm is mounted as a … Continue reading ORA-27301: OS failure message: No space left on device

Exadata X8M: Updating KSplice

There are several bugs that ksplice patches fix in Exadata. In our case it was a login issue. It would not allow you to ssh or login via serial console, not good. We installed the ksplice patch on all the nodes per Oracle. Although it is documented it is across a couple links so here … Continue reading Exadata X8M: Updating KSplice