Installing X11 packages on Centos 8

I ran into an issue the other day where I wanted to have graphic capabilities remotely available. I wanted to use virt-manager to Normally its just a matter of having X11Forwarding=yes in /etc/ssh/sshd_config and then using "ssh -Y USER@IP_ADDRESS". This of course was not working and that's because when I installed these servers they were … Continue reading Installing X11 packages on Centos 8


ipmitool for Cygwin – Updated 9/4/20

I recently ran into an issue with my primary Macbook which I use for ipmi connectivity among other things. I decided to look for a way to install impitool for Cygwin on my work laptop. This not only provides me the ability to invoke ipmi functions such as power commands on my customers servers but … Continue reading ipmitool for Cygwin – Updated 9/4/20

“no kex alg” Error on RedHat Client to Cygwin

What to do if you get a "no kex alg" error? There is allot of information on the internet on how to fix this with later releases of RedHat and other Linux's, but none fixed my issue. I was going from a RedHat 5 Server running an older version of OpenSSH (4.3). There where suggestions … Continue reading “no kex alg” Error on RedHat Client to Cygwin

Cron in Cygwin for Windows

Setting up services like Cron are not the way you are used to. In Linux and Unix its pretty straight forward since you are running in your own OS instance. With Cygwin it is tightly coupled with Windows so services like SSHD and CRON actually run in Windows and not Cygwin. The steps below are … Continue reading Cron in Cygwin for Windows