Netdata Mini Server

I have a mini PC currently not being used. Originally I bought this for pfsense firewall but have since moved to Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine Pro so I have a spare. I decided to make this a NetData server simply because I would like a central monitoring facility and NetData gives me everything I would … Continue reading Netdata Mini Server


macOS Catalina: kernel_task high CPU

Most of us have probably seen this, where the kernel_taks starts using high amounts of CPU. There can be several causes for this but one I didnt even think about is CPU temperature. To offer so more clarity I have a 2012 MacBook Pro 10,1 - 2.7Ghz I7 16G memory. I had to replace my … Continue reading macOS Catalina: kernel_task high CPU

Airconsole: RG45 to DB9 Serial Null Cable

I am in the mist of redoing my home lab. Originally I have been using just a metal shelving system form Lowes. This worked fine but have been wanting to do it right by leveraging a rack system. I finally bit the bullet and splurged for a 19 inch 42 U rack from Raising Electronics. … Continue reading Airconsole: RG45 to DB9 Serial Null Cable