Grafana: Ingest MacOS data

I have installed and tested this on Monterey Beta 12.3 & Catalina 10.15.7. The default configuration only shows: CPU Usage, Load Average and Network Traffic. I am sure there is a way to extend this, but I will post that later when I have time. Install and configure node_exporter # Install node_exporter $ brew install … Continue reading Grafana: Ingest MacOS data


How to delete a permission denied file

I had a folder in Monterey Beta 12 that I could not delete, but this can happen any any macOS version. What happens from time to time is when trashing apps or doing updates a file will still be locked or linked to the original path or filename. This happened to me recently when I … Continue reading How to delete a permission denied file

Home Lab: Redo

In the beginning there was a lab... This my makeshift lab before I got my 42u rack in. In this version I have used a steel rack I believe I got at Lowes. It worked well for years but wanted something more accessible and take up less room. It all came to a head when … Continue reading Home Lab: Redo

More Geekbench Benchmarks

I have published some more benchmarks for my new M1 MacMini and my new Dell R440 that I currently am using in my home lab. GeekBench is a great tool for gauging performance. These are not SPEC benchmarks they have their own criteria but they are a great resource and several large organizations use them. … Continue reading More Geekbench Benchmarks