ipmitool for Cygwin – Updated 9/4/20

I recently ran into an issue with my primary Macbook which I use for ipmi connectivity among other things. I decided to look for a way to install impitool for Cygwin on my work laptop. This not only provides me the ability to invoke ipmi functions such as power commands on my customers servers but … Continue reading ipmitool for Cygwin – Updated 9/4/20


One Liners for *nix

# Remove 1st Column  awk 'BEGIN{FS=OFS="#"}{$2=$3=""}{print}')cat ldm_dump.o |awk 'BEGIN{FS=OFS=" "}{$1=""}{print}' # Create non-existent dirs for i in `cat /etc/vfstab|grep vx|awk '{print $3}'`; do mkdir $i; done # Uncompress and tar install gunzip -c prdhbs1_hbsdg.tar.gz|tar xvf - # Veritas vxprint -v |grep -v NAME|grep -v group |awk '{print $2" ", $5}' # Grow and extend Vol/FS … Continue reading One Liners for *nix

Installing Linux VM via Kickstart Running on Synology

You may run into an issue after setting up your Synology Diskstation for booting Kickstart clients, where the VM won't boot PXE properly. This can also happen if you have a dedicated server acting as you Kickstart server. The issue is by default when you create a VM is want to use "Share with my … Continue reading Installing Linux VM via Kickstart Running on Synology

Google Chrome Browser Certificate Issue

I'm sure some of us have seen this issue with Chrome on macOS at least, although it may be Windows as well. You trying to get to a site and in my case a local IP and you get a certificate error. I tried a few things before getting this to work everytime. Heres what … Continue reading Google Chrome Browser Certificate Issue