GParted Live: Boot over PXE & NFS

Booting GParted over the network may not only be necessary from time to time but really useful. In this post I will show a method of accomplishing this over an NFS share. I did search google like anyone else and what I found was http based for the most part. There were a couple threads … Continue reading GParted Live: Boot over PXE & NFS


iFixit Battery Replacement for 2012 Macbook Pro 10,1

First and foremost changing the battery is pretty easy. Having stated that its not because of the iFixit guide, although it is complete most is unnecessary. They seemed to make it really tedious when I don't think it needed to be. After pulling everything apart and wasting 1.5 hours I realized that all you really … Continue reading iFixit Battery Replacement for 2012 Macbook Pro 10,1

macOS Catalina: kernel_task high CPU

Most of us have probably seen this, where the kernel_taks starts using high amounts of CPU. There can be several causes for this but one I didnt even think about is CPU temperature. To offer so more clarity I have a 2012 MacBook Pro 10,1 - 2.7Ghz I7 16G memory. I had to replace my … Continue reading macOS Catalina: kernel_task high CPU