Home Lab: Redo

In the beginning there was a lab... This my makeshift lab before I got my 42u rack in. In this version I have used a steel rack I believe I got at Lowes. It worked well for years but wanted something more accessible and take up less room. It all came to a head when … Continue reading Home Lab: Redo


ZFS command line reference (Cheat sheet)

Pool Related Commands # zpool create datapool c0t0d0Create a basic pool named datapool# zpool create -f datapool c0t0d0Force the creation of a pool# zpool create -m /data datapool c0t0d0Create a pool with a different mount point than the default.# zpool create datapool raidz c3t0d0 c3t1d0 c3t2d0Create RAID-Z vdev pool# zpool add datapool raidz c4t0d0 c4t1d0 … Continue reading ZFS command line reference (Cheat sheet)

One Liners for *nix

# Remove 1st Column  awk 'BEGIN{FS=OFS="#"}{$2=$3=""}{print}')cat ldm_dump.o |awk 'BEGIN{FS=OFS=" "}{$1=""}{print}' # Create non-existent dirs for i in `cat /etc/vfstab|grep vx|awk '{print $3}'`; do mkdir $i; done # Uncompress and tar install gunzip -c prdhbs1_hbsdg.tar.gz|tar xvf - # Veritas vxprint -v |grep -v NAME|grep -v group |awk '{print $2" ", $5}' # Grow and extend Vol/FS … Continue reading One Liners for *nix

One Liners for Solaris

Get disks attached to HBA for i in `fcinfo hba-port |grep WWN|grep HBA|awk '{print $4}'`; do fcinfo remote-port -sl -p $i; done hostname;fcinfo hba-port |grep WWN|grep HBA|awk '{print $4}' Logical Domains Add Vnets from List for i in `ldm list |awk '{print $1}'|grep -v NAME|grep -v primary`; do ldm add-vnet linkprop=phys-state vnet0 public-vsw0 $i; ldm … Continue reading One Liners for Solaris