Netdata: Install on Synology?

Yes you can install Netdata on your Synology as long as its AMD architecture, so no ARM! Download Install Script I have a DS1621+ which is AMD architecture so the static binary will be the one to be installed: 64-bit static installer Change to non-root (Optional) When Netdata is first installed, it will run as root. … Continue reading Netdata: Install on Synology?


Home Lab: Redo

In the beginning there was a lab... This my makeshift lab before I got my 42u rack in. In this version I have used a steel rack I believe I got at Lowes. It worked well for years but wanted something more accessible and take up less room. It all came to a head when … Continue reading Home Lab: Redo

Synology: Downgrade from 7.0 DSM Beta

Per Synology website they state you can not downgrade but that isn't necessary true. Is it as easy as point and click for an upgrade? No, but its not terrible difficult you just need to manually edit a file to fool it s being another version. Synology Statement Please read the following before installing this … Continue reading Synology: Downgrade from 7.0 DSM Beta

Synology DNS Server: How to change name of zone/domain?

I have a Synology 418+ that I use for ISCSI, NFS, SMB sharing primary along as a Backup device. I also leverage some of the Apps within DSM one of which being DNS Server. It's pretty basic from a setup perspective using the GUI. Awhile back I created two master domains with forward/reverse lookups. One … Continue reading Synology DNS Server: How to change name of zone/domain?