Setup vSphere 7.x (ESXi) for Persistent Serial Port

There are a couple ways to do this the first is what VMware provides in the Install Guide. The second is something I have been doing since the 5/6 days of ESXi. It requires a SSH session to be enabled which you can do within the web manager under Host->Actions->Services->Enable SSH. First Method: Use vCenter … Continue reading Setup vSphere 7.x (ESXi) for Persistent Serial Port

GParted Live: Boot over PXE & NFS

Booting GParted over the network may not only be necessary from time to time but really useful. In this post I will show a method of accomplishing this over an NFS share. I did search google like anyone else and what I found was http based for the most part. There were a couple threads … Continue reading GParted Live: Boot over PXE & NFS

Pi-4 Model B: Setup LCD display

I purchased a Raspberry Pi 4 Rack Mount with OLED Monitor from UCTRONICS. It worked fine with Raspberry PI OS per the instructions provided with no issues, however I am setting up this as a cluster to use Kubernetes and wanted to leverage Ubuntu PI Linux. The information provided from UCTRONICS was only for the … Continue reading Pi-4 Model B: Setup LCD display

Netdata: Install on Synology?

Yes you can install Netdata on your Synology as long as its AMD architecture, so no ARM! Download Install Script I have a DS1621+ which is AMD architecture so the static binary will be the one to be installed: 64-bit static installer Change to non-root (Optional) When Netdata is first installed, it will run as root. … Continue reading Netdata: Install on Synology?