Kubernetes Cluster on CentOS 8 Home Lab

I currently have 3 Dell T110 and they are all single socket CPU/4-8 cores and 16G memory. Although this isn't an ideal setup, I don't plan on running anything crazy. This is for staying on top of skills for the most part. Note: I used Techmint Articles for assistance in this build. Hardware 3 Dell … Continue reading Kubernetes Cluster on CentOS 8 Home Lab


Splunk in a Docker Container on RedHat 8

We are assuming you have Docker configured and running already if so than the process is pretty straight forward for getting Splunk in Docker Container. If you need to install Docker in RedHat 8 reference this post: Install Docker in RedHat 8. First thing we need to do is pull Splunk Enterprise package in Docker. … Continue reading Splunk in a Docker Container on RedHat 8

Installing Docker on RedHat/Centos 8

Docker is free and open-source software. It automates the deployment of any application as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container that will run virtually anywhere. Typically you develop software on your laptop/desktop. You can build a container with your app, and it can test run on your computer. It will scale in cloud, VM, VPS, bare-metal … Continue reading Installing Docker on RedHat/Centos 8