Netdata Mini Server

I have a mini PC currently not being used. Originally I bought this for pfsense firewall but have since moved to Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine Pro so I have a spare. I decided to make this a NetData server simply because I would like a central monitoring facility and NetData gives me everything I would … Continue reading Netdata Mini Server

Moving a boot disk RH8/Centos8

I ran into an issue where I had a usb ssd drive that I built Centos 8 upon. After I relocated it to the onboard controller I preceded to boot the system and wallah! Warning: /dev/centos/root does not exist Warning: /dev/centos/swap does not exist Warning: /dev/mapper/centos-root does not exist ... dracut# To no surprise I … Continue reading Moving a boot disk RH8/Centos8

Geekbench Benchmarks

I have published some benchmarks for servers I have currently am using in my home lab. Nothing earth shattering but I use GeekBench with is a great tool for gauging performance. These are not SPEC benchmarks they have their own criteria but they are a great resource and several large organizations use them. Go here … Continue reading Geekbench Benchmarks

Using nohup, “&” and disown in Linux

Linux has a few options on getting a command to run in background and if desired keep it running even if there is a terminal session interruption. So what's the difference and why you may use one vs. the other? To understand when and why lets take a look at what each once does in … Continue reading Using nohup, “&” and disown in Linux