Centos 8 Cockpit not showing storage?

I installed Centos 8 on my Dell r440 the other day and enabled cockpit. I noticed right a way that Storage was not an option on the left pane. It turns put this is a separate package that needs installed. An easy fix and surprised it wasn't part of the default install but if you … Continue reading Centos 8 Cockpit not showing storage?


One Liners for Solaris

Get disks attached to HBA for i in `fcinfo hba-port |grep WWN|grep HBA|awk '{print $4}'`; do fcinfo remote-port -sl -p $i; done hostname;fcinfo hba-port |grep WWN|grep HBA|awk '{print $4}' Logical Domains Add Vnets from List for i in `ldm list |awk '{print $1}'|grep -v NAME|grep -v primary`; do ldm add-vnet linkprop=phys-state vnet0 public-vsw0 $i; ldm … Continue reading One Liners for Solaris