It’s just bytes – is a site where my interests and passions can be documented. Although it may appear at first to be related to my job in the posts, I actually have other interests. You will see updates from time to time on technology and other things. Please leave a comment but adhere to the rules posted below that Rich @ Der Flounder was nice enough to let me use.


Please respect my rules while visiting my site.

  • Only post comments under the entry to which they correspond.
  • If comments for an entry have been closed, you may contact me via e-mail, but do not attempt to post a comment under another entry.
  • Please do not send me Trackbacks without providing a link to the entry you are referencing. Any Trackback sent that do not have a valid link will be automatically deleted, and you’ll probably be auto-blacklisted too. So don’t do it.
  • Watch your language. Instead of listing what words you can’t use, I’ll just list what you can use, and just assume anything worse is off-limits: damn, crap, hell. If you feel that your point cannot be made without the use of strong language (certainly a legitimate view), you may use asterisks to mask your f***ing language.
  • No flaming. Lively discussion is encouraged, but personal attacks against me, my family, my friends, or other commenters are forbidden.

Depending on the severity of your offense, I may edit your comment, delete your comment, ban you from commenting, ban your town from commenting, ban your country from commenting, or report you to your ISP.

I reserve the right to change or add to these rules at any time. This is my site, so my freedom of speech trumps yours. That being said, if you are well-behaved and follow these rules, your free speech will not be silenced or altered.


My Linkedin Page

Senior System Engineer/Architect & Consultant in Lehigh Valley area in PA with my wife a USAF veteran. My background is primarily in Unix, Linux & macOS platforms and significant experience with Windows as well. Specialization and focus: Virtualization Technologies, High Availability, Migration/Consolidation Methodologies, Best Practice, SOE, just to name a few.

I have worked in a wide range of industries including: Financial, Education, Health/Pharma, Oil/Gas, Government, Military, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Retail, Commercial and Service Providers in both pre and post sales activities.


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